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Bringing Physical Education and Fitness to children of all ages.


Our program uses a proven technique to teach young students how to excel in all youth sports or playground activities.  Our program teaches basics skills in Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Football,  Hockey, Kickball, Volleyball, Paddle Tennis and Soccer.

We teach our student a variety of different ball sports.   Our company focuses on new sports every 2 weeks.  This helps our students focused on the fundamentals of every game.  Our students learn how to throw, hit, kick and catch a variety of different balls. We focus on physical fitness, core strength,  balance, sportsmanship and basic rules of the game and of course FUN!!!



$120.00 – for 8 Wks (30 Min each wk) + $25.00 Annual Registration /Insurance fee good through September-September. 

You will be put on our autopay system.

***You will be put on Autopay and bill every 4 or 8 weeks.
Students who have participated in the program will continue to be picked up for class & charges will continue until our office is notified by e-mail/Text or in writing four wks to the end of the current session. When discontinuing our program,  you must give 30 days notice. No Refund will be giving before the 30 day notice. 

**Credit for summer vacation Must be Approved 30 day in advance or you will be billed in full. Credit only will be given for September!
Parents are responsible for all fees incurred if a credit card is declined.
A $25 late fee will be charged, if payment received after the second class of the session. Our tuition will increase annually to keep up with cost of our program

Sorry, No American Express or international credit cards will be accepted.



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I "See above name" have enrolled my child in a program for physical activity consisting of dance, basic tumbling and motor skills, I hereby affirm that my child is in good physical condition and may continue with these activities. Because it's understood that risk/injury can be associated with gymnastics I understand that creative gymnastics and its owners, employees/contractors shall not be held liable for any injuries that may result in my child's participation in this program. I also understand and agree that creative gymnastics may use photo of our creative gymnastics classes for commercial/advertisement purposes without compensation to myself or my child. These photographs may become exclusive property of creative gymnastics. I have read and understand the above stated policies. (By checking box, shows I agree to terms above)
*Please Pay online You will be placed on our Autobill system and billed every 4 or 8 weeks **Students who have participated in the program will continue to be picked up for class until our office is notified by e-mail/in writing. Parents are responsible for all fees incurred. A $25 fee will be assessed for all decline credit cards- Visa & Master card excepted . Check box is digital verification of Parent Signature